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Peregrine Wealth are now FutureTrackers

We are excited to announce that Peregrine Wealth has started using FutureTrack to transform its sustainability by measuring, managing, minimising, and benchmarking its environmental impact.

FutureTrack will help Peregrine Wealth to embed environmental, social, and economic sustainability into its organisational DNA, and to make positive, meaningful, and long-lasting changes for a better future.

On becoming a FutureTracker, Hennie Esterhuizen, Managing Director at Peregrine Wealth, said:

"We’re on track for a better future. We know the journey to a greener world isn’t an overnight process, but we’re pleased to take this positive first step to transform our own environmental impact. The team has already begun making changes to better our environmental impact and we’re pleased to now incorporate a dynamic system which is able to measure and showcase results for the small changes we make every day."

We are delighted to be supporting Peregrine Wealth in their sustainability journey and are looking forward to seeing their positive progress!


Becoming a FutureTracker

FutureTrackers use our platform to transform and continually improve their sustainability. To learn more about joining the growing list of organisations committed to a better future, book a demo with us today.