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Welcome to the Team | Mohit Chaudhary

We are so excited to welcome to the team, our new Chief Technology Officer, Mohit Chaudhary!

We did a little Q&A with Mohit. Learn all about his background, new role, and more, below.

Q: What will you be doing with ESI Monitor/FutureTrack?

A: I am joining the team as Chief Technology Officer. I will help shape, develop, and implement the digital and technical strategy to meet ESI Monitor's goals, including pinpointing which technologies can yield the most benefit to the company, our customers, and the wider world. I will be responsible for sourcing and partnering with technical experts in order to aid organisational growth and scalability.

Q: What is your past experience?

A: I have been in the technology industry for around 17 years, starting as a D-Ops Specialist working in the E-commerce sector. I have also worked in sectors including Diversity & Inclusion, HR, Banking, Education, and A.I, successfully delivering end-to-end projects.

Q: What are you looking forward to in your work with ESI Monitor/FutureTrack?

A: I am most excited about being able to work on systems and technologies that can assist with one of the most important challenges to humankind today. As there are no definite answers and processes in place for organisations to achieve this, the growth of this system will require a lot of research, changes, and overcoming technical challenges. I believe I will be putting my experience to better use while learning a lot as CTO for ESI.

Q: Why are climate change and sustainability important to you?

A: Until Elon Musk can actually put us on Mars and further planets, we have to believe that Earth is the only habitable home we have, and it’s unfortunately becoming less habitable by the hour. There were species before us and will be after us, but we can ensure evolution stays on the right track by making conscious choices about our consumption and footprint.