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There’s no vaccine for climate change

“There is no vaccine for climate change”

Since December 2019, our world has changed dramatically. In light of a shared enemy, governments, businesses, schools, communities, and individuals put their self-interests aside to follow directions from the planet’s leading experts. When the experts told us to isolate, we listened. When the experts told businesses to send employees home, they listened. When the experts told governments to close the boarders, they listened. So why, when the experts tell us to make substantial changes in light of climate change, do we fail to listen?

While we celebrate our wins against coronavirus, we must not forget that humanity faces another crisis, one for which there is no vaccine. There is no quick fix or vaccine for climate change, but many of the lessons we learnt during this pandemic can help us with the fight against it. We must listen to the experts, work together, and make sacrifices, in order to measure, manage, and mitigate global warming.

Without measuring, we live in ignorance and denial of what surrounds us. If we didn’t test and measure coronavirus cases, we could not have managed and mitigated the effects of the pandemic. The same rules apply for climate change.

To prevent the certainty of mass extinction and environmental devastation that will result from more than 2oC of global warming, we must measure our greenhouse gas emissions. Only then can we understand the damaging gasses that we produce, and in turn manage, minimise, and mitigate our effect on the climate.

At ESI Monitor, it is our mission to support you to understand the full extent of your carbon footprint, and help you to eliminate it. We cannot change the past, but we can build a better future, together.

Achieving sustainability is much like effective pandemic prevention; it is a global effort. It requires healthy ecosystems; a greater respect for animals and the environment; and regular measurement, management, and adaptation from all. With FutureTrack, we make this easy and valuable to you.

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