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Meet the Team | Sylvie Laine

The talent and dedication of the team behind ESI Monitor and FutureTrack are what make us who we are today. This week, we want you to get to know our Creative Lead, Sylvie Laine.

Sylvie has been on the team since 2020. Her creative flair and knowledge of sustainability have allowed her to play a fundamental role in both the development of our client services and the creation of our public-facing content.

Sylvie is always happy to try her hand at something different. Her ability to pick up new knowledge and skills has made her an asset to all aspects of the business.

We did a little Q&A with Sylvie. Learn all about her background, current role, and more, below.

Q: What is your role in ESI Monitor/FutureTrack?

A: I started working with ESI Monitor in 2020 and trained as an IEMA-certified carbon footprint analyst. As our team has grown, I have been able to focus my work more on our creative outputs, becoming ESI Monitor’s Creative Lead. My combination of design and sustainability knowledge has allowed me to assist in the development of our services from both a technical and creative standpoint.

While I still lend a hand to our sustainability team when needed, as the Creative Lead, my primary focus is on the content that goes out to our clients and to the public. This includes our website, blog, social media, marketing, collateral, and video content.

Q: Describe what drives you?

A: For too long, profits, growth, and greed have been the primary focuses for businesses, leaving us with a world on the tipping point of catastrophic climate change. The critical importance of sustainability can no longer be ignored, and I want to be a part of something that promotes that.

Q: What do you want to achieve with ESI Monitor/FutureTrack?

A: I want to help businesses understand that sustainability is something they need to take seriously, but also that it isn’t this scary mountain that is impossible to climb. I want them to learn that they can become green; it’s achievable and it’s worth it.

Q: What’s the best thing about working for ESI Monitor/FutureTrack?

A: Aside from the feelings of fulfilment that I get from working for a cause I believe in; I love that I get to work from home. I think one day, we will look back and think “isn’t it silly that we used to drive to an office every day to work on a computer?”.

Q: Tell us about your interests outside of work

A: I’m creative inside and outside of work. I love to draw, paint, craft, photoshop, etc. I also like keeping active, hanging out with my cat, and listening to music.