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Iceland Leads the Way With Full Plastic Footprint Disclosure

Grocery retailer Iceland has made a brave move by disclosing their “horrific” plastic footprint, which amounted to approximately 32,000 tonnes in 2019.

In a Tweet, Richard Walker, managing director of Iceland, encouraged other businesses to follow in Iceland’s footsteps regarding measurement and disclosure, stating “you can’t manage what you can’t measure. It’s time to be honest”.

ESI Monitor are fully behind Mr Walker’s decision to publicise Iceland’s plastic footprint. We believe the encouragement of greater transparency within the commercial sector and the push for reduced plastic packaging are vital steps in the fight against climate change and environmental destruction. It is imperative that all businesses measure and understand the impact they are having on the environment, as without this solid foundation, it is impossible to create meaningful, verifiable, and enduring change.

ESI Monitor would like to extend a hand to Iceland, and to any other organisation seeking to calculate and reduce its environmental impact. We provide a premier, international, benchmarked, environmental management system which allows businesses of any sector or size to measure, manage, minimise, and continually improve their operational environmental footprint. Furthermore, we can supply businesses with ongoing environmental benchmarking data, providing verifiable evidence of environmental impact reduction and vital information regarding areas needing improvement.

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You can also view Iceland’s plastic report here.