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GTA is now a FutureTracker

We are excited to announce that GTA has started using FutureTrack to transform its sustainability by measuring, managing, minimising, and benchmarking its environmental impact.

FutureTrack will help GTA to embed environmental, social, and economic sustainability into its organisational DNA, and to make positive, meaningful, and long-lasting changes for a better future.

“Our vision is that sustainability will become a part of everything that the GTA University Centre and the Guernsey Institute do: our individual behaviours, how we work together, and how we make decisions. We want to demonstrate leadership to our learners and the wider community and provide an ambitious model for how other organisations can improve their sustainability”.

- Simon Le Tocq, Chief Executive of GTA

We are delighted to continue supporting GTA in their sustainability journey and are looking forward to seeing their positive progress!


Becoming a FutureTracker

FutureTrackers use our platform to transform and continually improve their sustainability. To learn more about joining the growing list of organisations committed to a better future, book a demo with us today.