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EY has enrolled in ESI Monitor’s Environmental Business Operations Award

EY’s Jersey and Guernsey offices have made an amazing step towards greater sustainability and the mitigation of climate change by enrolling in ESI Monitor’s Environmental Business Operations Award. This marks the beginning of an exciting journey for EY, where they will soon be able to expertly measure, manage, and minimise their environmental impact. This comes as EY globally have committed to becoming carbon negative in 2021 and net zero in 2025, building upon their achievement of reaching carbon neutrality in 2020. EY is committed to not only become more sustainable, but to helping their clients do the same to ultimately create a more sustainable future for the local community and finance industry.

More information on EY’s sustainability commitments and actions can be found at ey.com/carbonnegative

It’s wonderful to see more businesses take sustainability seriously. Well done EY!

The Environmental Business Operations Framework is ESI Monitor's legacy product and predecessor to FutureTrack. Learn more about FutureTrack here.