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ESI Monitor’s Fred Betley Qualifies as a Carbon Footprint Analyst

Updated: Nov 18

London based ESI Monitor consultant Fred Betley has recently qualified as a Carbon Footprint Analyst, demonstrating professional competency in conducting carbon footprint assessments in accordance with the GHG Protocol.

After graduating in the first cohort of Global Sustainable Development at the University of Warwick, Fred joined ESI Monitor as an environmental consultant and has since played a fundamental role in developing the organisation. Fred’s recent qualification as a Carbon Footprint Analyst means he is now able to guide businesses through the process of a carbon audit to the highest international standards, provide them with detailed insights into their environmental impact, and help them to track their emissions and set targets for reduction.

Marc Laine, Founder of ESI Monitor, said “Though already highly knowledgeable in environmental matters, Fred’s recent qualification elevates his expertise to a level which facilitates best practice in sustainability measuring and reporting. We are all proud of Fred and are excited to utilise his latest accomplishment to improve our offerings.”