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ESI Monitor are Expanding into London

Due to the increasing international opportunities for sustainable development and partnerships, The Environmental and Social Impact Monitor (ESI Monitor) have set up a London branch.

ESI Monitor’s Sustainability Advisor, Fred Betley, is setting up the company in London to allow the organisation to forge more relationships outside of the Channel Islands and to apply their products on an international stage.

“As ESI Monitor has developed into the sustainability space we have recognised the importance of internationalisation” Mr Betley reports. “Climate change, environmental, and social issues are not restricted by the boarders of countries, and neither are business activities. Therefore, our efforts to address these should be international, too.”

Mr Betley continues; “Since the development of our Environmental Business Operations Award, we have understood the importance of aligning with international commitments and regulations to help streamline the transition towards sustainability. As a result, it has meant that our products have many applications outside of Guernsey and can have significant impact across the world.”

ESI Monitor’s mission is to support and inspire the sustainability transition. We do this through frameworks, products, and services—all of which support businesses and individuals to transition towards greater sustainability. Our flagship product The Environmental Business Operations Award has been developing constantly for the last year, growing from a business accreditation, to a tool that can support businesses meet international regulation, help businesses share environmental data with stakeholders and staff, and improve their ESG performance. This has caught the eye of a number of businesses across the Channel Islands, including asset managers and venture capitalists that want to apply these tools in unique ways to their portfolio companies, and to help improve their ESG performance. The move to London will help facilitate this development and growth further.

The Environmental Business Operations Framework is ESI Monitor's legacy product and predecessor to FutureTrack. Learn more about FutureTrack here.