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ESI Monitor approved as TISE Sustainable framework provider

ESI Monitor is delighted to announce that we have been listed by The International Stock Exchange (TISE) as an approved framework provider for companies seeking admission to its sustainable market segment, TISE Sustainable.

TISE Sustainable facilitates the flow of capital into environmentally or socially sustainable investments, and is the most comprehensive sustainable market segment in Europe. TISE has seen real success with TISE Sustainable; there was more than £8 billion of capital newly listed on the segment in 2021 alone.

ESI Monitor’s Director of Standards and Operations, Ian Corder, said “We have seen TISE Sustainable go from strength to strength as demand for sustainable finance has increased. TISE Sustainable is performing an essential role in financing and promoting sustainable business and innovation with clear sustainable objectives”.

To access TISE Sustainable, TISE-listed issuers can now use ESI Monitor’s Environmental Business Operations Framework to demonstrate their qualifying credentials.