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Collenette Jones has enrolled in ESI Monitor’s Environmental Business Operations Framework

Updated: Nov 18

We are excited to announce that Collenette Jones has enrolled in our Environmental Business Operations Framework (EBOF). In doing so, they have become Environmental and Social Impact Monitors (ESI Monitors).

ESI Monitors are organisations empowered to continually improve their environmental and/or social sustainability through measurement, minimisation, management, and benchmarking. By becoming ESI Monitors, Collenette Jones now has the ability to reduce its carbon footprint and create a consciousness of sustainability throughout the organisation.

It’s great to see more businesses put sustainability and climate change on their agendas. Well done to Collenette Jones, we’re excited to see the progress you make on this journey!

The Environmental Business Operations Framework is ESI Monitor's legacy product and predecessor to FutureTrack. Learn more about FutureTrack here.